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                             Does Rabies Exist?


| You claim rabies is a myth, whilst science calls it a virus. What are
| purported 'carriers', such as frothy-mouthed dogs, detoxifying from and
| is there any danger from being bitten?

In all of my travels, especially living off of a bicycle for 3 years, out
of the thousands of sick dogs and cats, I saw only four who frothed at the
mouth. One was a puppy who had a terrible reaction to his puppy vaccines
that dissolved his digestive tract. I saw another dog with frothing mouth
which had eaten poisoned food from a neighbor. The poison dissolved his
esophagus and stomach.

The third was my cat. Embarrassing as this is and as shamed as I am to have
done this, I will reveal the circumstance. When I became a raw vegetarian,
I forced my adopted cat, a known carnivore, to be vegetarian. It was about
3 years after my autism went into remission and my nutritional studies were
all I lived for. After a few weeks, he refused to eat anything raw
vegetarian, even raw dairy. Even though I did that and knew that I was
responsible, he stayed loyal to me and cuddled with me. Two months after
that change in his diet, he died in my lap frothing at the mouth.

I performed an autopsy on him in the bathtub. The decaying odor from the
inside of his body was astounding. The frothing at the mouth was the result
of him digesting his stomach. The rest of his body was almost completely
dehydrated. Rigamortis was everywhere but not his stomach. He continued to
produce hydrochloric acid but he had no mucous on his stomach lining. The
acid ate his stomach lining causing a frothy reaction.

I have been bitten by several animals in my youth. One was a ground hog
that we were supposed to keep for 10 days to ensure it did not have rabies
but it died 3 days later. My mother and doctor talked about giving me the
painful rabies shots just in case. When I saw the needle heading for my
stomach, I refused and put up the biggest uncontrollable tantrum mom had
ever seen. The doctor said that they should wait to see if I have symptoms
in the next 5 days. I did not develop any.

Also, I was bitten by several snakes, horses, goats, a wild rabbit and
several mad dogs but no Englishmen. When I was 9 or 10 years old, I was
bicycling on a narrow road in a wooded area only 3/4 of a mile from home
when a dog raced from its yard, chased me and bit my ankle. I noticed he
frothed at his mouth but did not know what it meant. I immediately rode
home and showed my mother the lesion. After examining it, she asked where
was the dog that bit me. We got in the car and I showed her the way as she

When we arrived at the dilapidated wooden house from where the dog had
charged me, my mother parked on the street. The dog came charging at the
car, growling and barking, frothing at its mouth. My mom looked more
concerned. An unclean middle-aged-looking woman came and restrained the dog
and put him in the house. My mother and I exited the car and approached

Mother asked her if her dog had its rabies shot within a year. The woman
opened her mouth to speak and revealed that nearly all of the teeth she had
were rotten and jagged, some were missing. In a somewhat loud voice, she
gruffly told mom that her dog did not bite anybody and that it was none of
her business.

My mother showed my lesion to the woman. The woman said that I must have
crashed on the bike and one of the spokes punctured my ankle and I would
not admit it. Mom looked at me queryingly. I did not understand the words
but I knew the woman denied her dog bit me. Mom observed me and knew the
dog had bitten me. Again, she asked the woman if her dog had its rabies
shot. The woman blurted back, "Yeh. Now go on and leave us alone."

I could see in mom's face that she did not believe the woman and was
concerned. When we arrived home, she called the doctor and he explained the
indications to look for in the next 7 days. They symptoms of what rabies is
supposed to do did not happen.

In my examination and research of rabies, all of the images I saw of the
"virus" were computer or somehow graphically generated. All of the other
imagines that are shown are of tissue that could have been altered by any
number of causes and animals claimed to have rabies. Nothing with
scientific evidence. In the late 70's, after I return from living outdoors
mostly from a bicycle, I investigated two cases of people who the news
stated had rabies. I used the Freedom of Information act to get the names
of the people reported. County health department did not have any record of
the cases.

Since one of them had been shown on the news, I called NBC News and asked
for the name of the person interviewed. They gave me the name but would not
give me the address or phone number. I told them I was a medical researcher
and asked if they would call him and give my number to him. I received a
return call from NBC that the number they had been given for him was not in
service. I searched for the man with that name and there were many. I
called everyone over the next 2 weeks and no one admitted to having had

Finally, I asked NBC News for the hospital in which he was videotaped. They
did not know because they did not take it themselves, the recording was
giving to them. Again, I called the county health department and asked
about the two rabies cases reported last month and they did not know what
hospital was involved. I stated that it was impossible for them not to know
if it were reported to them. I asked who the doctors were who reported the
cases. They did not know that either. I realized it was planted news. As
journalist Jon Rappaport calls it "fake news" to generate gain for someone
or many.

No one has shown me any evidence that rabies really exists. To me, it is
simply another myth created by people promoting health fear and profiting
from it. Just think how much money is involved when politicians make laws
that every dog and cat must have yearly rabies shots. Billions if not
trillions of dollars are involved yearly. It is exactly the same as health
departments creating a mythical disease claimed to be caused by raw milk
whenever they want to promote a law against raw milk or stop one that
favors raw milk.