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                       Is The Science of Viruses Real?


| Science claims viruses are structured and self-replicating. It even
| details their unique genomes.[1] How do you account for this whilst
| claiming they are non-living, solvent detoxifications?

As I stated many times, science observes that the accumulation of cellular
waste increases as time passes during detoxifications such as flu. Most
doctors and researches are instructed to not see them as detoxifications.
They surmise that a viral microbe is responsible for the dissolution of
cells instead of realizing it is cells themselves that produce the solvent
that causes their own dissolution of particular cells within themselves. It
is a matter of cellular self- cleansing. It is a frequent occurrence
because cells lack bacteria to do the process more easily, naturally.

Researchers vary in there assessments of how many cells are in the human
body but they all agree that it is around 60 trillion, depending on our
sizes. According to my laboratory calculations with healthy animals who
were not subjected to industrial chemicals, there is supposed to be about
300 times more bacteria than animal cells in our bodies. It the last two
years, science has only found 150 times more bacteria than human cells in
the human body. I surmise that low bacterial level is because of our
constant poisonous exposure to industrial toxins that destroy bacteria.

Each cell type, such as liver, heart, pancreas, spleen, nerve, neuron,
lymph, artery, muscle, etc. has a specific DNA pattern. For instance, if I
were to find cellular waste that contained heart-cell DNA and RNA, that
would be a specific category. We could subdivide those into more categories
because there are muscle, nerve, lymph, connective, reproductive, blood and
other cells within heart cells that are heart- specific and have particular
DNA and RNA.

Naming and categorizing them as viruses that attack us creates the monster
that pharma/medicine needs for us to be in fear, seeking their weapons of
mass destruction so we create war within our bodies so they can profit. The
bodily war waged by medical practices only makes us sicker so they can
profit more. Believe and accept it and you will live in fear and
self-destructive war without healthful resolutions. Do not believe them;
instead, seek natural remedies and you will live a life that progresses
nurturing, understanding, peacefulness and healthfulness.

I wish it were different but all of the people who profit by
pharmaceuticals and medical procedures, including 99% of politicians, do
not wish it to be different while saying they do. They spend trillions
yearly and make laws that deny you of your human right to well-being,
ensuring that you believe them. As was reported recently, 95% of all
pharma/medical tests were proved to be purposefully falsified and wrong to
gain profits and notoriety. Are we going to fight our conditioned,
brainwashed illogic and trust in convoluted medical science and seek peace
and health, or are we going to choose the opposite? What is your choice?


 1. Genomes are complex chemical skeletons, so to speak, of a particular
     type of species, such as the genomes of a human being. They can also
     be simple genomes of any single cell, such as a neural cell.