Severe Back Deterioration

Can It Be Reversed or Even Helped?

Tom from Ireland has been quite sick recently. He has 'Ankylosing Spondylitis' which is attacking his back and he's been in a lot of pain and has restricted movement for the last 6 weeks. [The disease is] particularly focused in his neck and caused a bad headache yesterday that caused his body to shake for hours.
I thought if he could get bee pollen and raw butter that might help - also to do hot baths maybe? Anyway, I was hoping you could recommend what would help him. He seems to have a particular sensitivity to calcium that causes his back to get worse.
He's only been partially eating raw food as some raw food is hard to source in Ireland. Through a friend of mine, I have tracked down raw sources of the following in Ireland: raw butter, raw organic milk, raw honey, and raw meat & eggs are easy. The one thing that we can't seem to get is raw cheese that's unsalted. I assume its better not to use raw cheese that's salted?
I really appreciate all the incredible work you do.

This problem requires more than a simple dietary program.

Infections are misinterpreted. Fats and white blood cells surround, neutralize and consume waste to help eliminate toxins. What results is puss, which is white blood and fatty cells. Puss is not contagious or harmful. With infections, the body tries to prevent several types of damage to cells. In a healthy body, once toxins are isolated and neutralized and/or eliminated, white blood cells may be reabsorbed into the body and continue their work of consuming organic tissue waste. They may even reenter the blood stream. If the white blood cells are damaged, the body will discard the white cells with the toxins bound with fats, in the form of puss. Infections are cleanses, just like colds and flu.

Ninety-nine percent of all bodily activity is produced by bacteria. There are no bad bacteria unless it is man-made. According to the latest biological research, we are 360 bacteria genes to only one human gene. See article How Much Bacteria Are We Today?

Because of the industrial contaminants in vaccines, food, air and water, such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, ether, detergent and at least 60,000 other man-made toxins, many bodies are unable to discharge those toxins through skin. Many bodies store them wherever there is enough fat or in the stomach lining. Bone marrow, brain and spine contain the highest concentrations of fats and therefore toxins. As those toxins remain in the body, they deteriorate the fats that suppress them. If not enough new fats are available to re-harness them, those toxins will begin to deteriorate healthy tissue.

When the body neutralizes most toxins, it will use concentrations of minerals, resulting in mineral collections (deposits) that stiffen a contaminated area. If a good diet is maintained, those mineral deposits will gradually dissolve and normal mobility will be restored. If proper minerals and fats are not supplied, the body will suffer severe cellular damage and mineral deposits will remain. In most cases of Ankylosing Spondylitis, toxins are not harnessed and neutralized so deterioration of vertebrae and mineralization (permanent stiffness) occurs.

Now for nutritional suggestions: Cheese provides minerals for neutralizing toxins and fats to absorb those toxins. Cheese is relatively easy to make, especially very dry cottage cheese. You let the milk separate into curds and whey. Then pour all through a sock made of white organic cotton cloth such as t-shirt material. Let it drip for at least 8 hours but as much as several days until it is fairly dry.

I suggest that Tom eat 1 tsp. cheese every hour, alternating 1/2 tsp. butter, and 1/2 tsp. honey. That is, he would eat 1 teaspoon cheese with 1/2 tsp. butter then one hour later, he would eat 1 tsp. cheese with 1/2 tsp. honey, continuing that rotation throughout day and night (when awake).

10 minutes after eating the cheese with its accompaniment every hour, I suggest that Tom consume 1-2 eggs.

15 minutes following every egg-consumption, I suggest 1-2 T. pain formula. Here is the pain formula I suggest for Tom: 3 eggs, 4 1/2 T. butter, 1 1/2 tsp. coconut cream, 3 T. milk, 1 1/2 T. lemon juice, 1 T. honey and 2 T. cheese.

Once daily whenever he wants, I suggest Tom consume 1 cup either chicken or fish with 1/4 cup boiled rice with its liquid and 2 T. butter. Forgo raw eggs and pain formula for that hour.

I may not have to write this but, all the above listed foods are to be eaten without salt, and unheated except for rice.

To relieve tension and pain in the spine and back, I suggest the following three yoga postures. They should be attempted 2-5 times daily AFTER applying hot-water bottles to painful areas of the back for 30 minutes, or after 30 minutes in hot bath: Plow, and Spinal Twists.

The spinal twists may be done while lying on bed or floor as follows: lie on right side of body, keeping right leg completely stretched and straight while bending left leg at knee and move left foot to press flat against right shin just below right knee. Now move the left shoulder and arm behind the back, that is twisting the shoulder backward. Try to keep left knee pressing onto the bed (or floor) while trying to press left shoulder and arm onto bed or floor. For the ideal twist, the upper back at the shoulders should be flat on the bed or floor and the left knee flat on the bed or floor in front of the body.

Then reverse sides to stretch the back in the other direction. Try to maintain each posture for at least 3 minutes each time.