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                         Grow In Height After Age 21


When my father reached complete growth maturity, his standing height was
5'6". I remember when he was 64 years of age, he stated that gravity had
shrunk him almost 2" since when he had entered college. At his death at
92.6 years of age, he was 5'1.5". He shrunk 4.5" in the last 73 years of
his life. My mother's standing height was 5'4.1" when she completed growth
maturity. At her death at 91.7 years of age, she was 4'11.5". She shrunk
4.6" in the last 71 years of her life.

My standing height at growth maturity was 5'7.6". One year after radiation
and chemo treatments at 22 years of age, my standing height was 5'6.9". The
medical cancer treatments/poisoning caused a half- inch height-reduction in
one year. Last year at a Life Screening testing-site, my standing height
was 5'7.8" at 64 years of age. Rather than shrink, I grew .7" in the later
42 years of my life. Although most of that gain was recovery from
medical-treatment-related deterioration, I regained it plus .2".

I believe that the scientific theory that EVERYONE shrinks through her/his
lifetime due to the constant force of gravity on the body applies to people
eating foods that fail to supply complete nutrition. It is not gravity that
causes people to shrink but poor nutrition.