Plastic consumption might lead to sexual disorders

Q: I had back pains some months ago. At times I detox and it varies. Is there something I can do so I don’t have to do this?

A: The same way I helped my back, and Barbara helped her back – hot baths. You may have to get in it several times a day, maybe 2 or 3 90-minute baths or 45-minute baths. When you’re lying down sleeping you can have 2 hot water bottles along your spine. The heat is the important thing. In the spinal cord are all those vertebrae along your spine - hard bone, the cartilage between them, tendons, ligaments. It’s all tight and solid. Whenever you have pain, it’s swelling. Your body has increased the flow of blood, lymph and neurological fluids to help cleanse the area and rebuild it. Swelling puts the pressure on the nerves: that’s pain. If you take a hot bath or hot water bottles at your spine it will relax all the tendons and ligaments. You will be able to expand and relax the nervous system so it will have space for the swelling for the increased nutrients.

Q: I could sleep for days.

A: You were heavily detoxing something out of the spinal cord. It could have been anything from just tin from canned food waste or vaccine.

Q: When I detox, 80% of the toxicity is some kind of back problem? Could have been vaccines….

A: Could have been just that. Remember when people had tonsillitis and polio in the ‘50s? It came from canned food. Canned foods really caught on in ’47, the year I was born. The king and queen of England helped get World War 2 going over the whole planet because they own 70% of all food manufacturing in the world. So they wanted canned foods to catch on. So even though it’s completely inane and incongruous, the issue was - “Support your loved ones fighting the war – eat canned food”. That was the whole model that was going on at that time. My mother jumped on it like a hot cake because she loved not having to wash the vegetables, not having to slice them. Everything was pre-prepared in the can. All she had to do was open a can, dump it into a pot and cook it. She loved it, absolutely adored it. So that’s all we ate – canned food. The one thing that wasn’t canned was meat, however canned tuna, canned pork soaked in pineapple and cloves in the can already, which is even worse for getting metal poisons out. Anyway, that whole generation in the ‘50s and early ‘60s was contaminated by the metal waste in their spinal cords and tonsils. That’s why there was a tonsillitis and polio epidemic in the ‘50s and ‘60s. So what did the king and queen of England do? Plastic. Remember the first time we heard majorly of plastic? Anyone remember what movie that was?

The Graduate?

A: The Graduate, that’s it. 1967, but the screenplay was written back in the early ‘60s by someone who was in the elitist crowd that knew the king and queen of England started coding the cans in their countries, not in America, in other countries with plastic. They sprayed plastic inside. That created a lot more homosexuals, a lot more lesbians because it created a crossing of genders. It disturbs the female and male hormone activity and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with homosexuality at all. If that’s your thing – that’s your thing, it’s a physiological thing, a biochemical thing. It’s not a choice. So if that’s the way you are, that’s the way you are. But (inaudible) of it came from that if you look online now, look up male and female hormonal disruption, especially female hormones from plastics. So they just traded one illness for another. The king and queen of England still own, that family still own 70% of all food production in the world plus they own 35% of all land in the world. Richest family in the world and most powerful.