Primal Diet Is Not A Stagnant Diet

There is a lot of people who thing that the Primal Diet is a stagnant diet, people who been on it for a few years, they stop having as good reactions. Why? Because they are not adjusting. If you read my book once a year you are going to see that when you have changes in your body, those are the foods you need to adapt to. The diet that i will prescribe to you when you come to me is for your normal course, if you start having detoxifying symptoms you go to the book, those are the foods you eat during those times, you either add those foods to the diet that i have given to you and eliminate something on the diet that i have given you or you do a completely different diet that it say in the book for those kinds of detoxifications.

Also something that i have come to learn, i am always learning. Because you know, you cant know everything, maybe if i lived a thousand lifetimes as a human i might. But i have learned that after you have been on the diet a few years , my normal high celery diet - is not correct. I have a high celery juice, because it extracts sugars out of the body, all the toxic sugars that you have been consuming. Celery is a negative in the carbohydrate, it doesn't have enough carbohydrate to digest itself, so celery is the negative, that is why i have it predominant in the juice.

Once you been on the diet for a couple of years, some of you might might be all of the sudden carbohydrate deficient. Some of you have been sugarholics and ate tons of sugar it might take 6 to 7 years to get to that point. So you need to add carrot to the juice so you will have more carbs to give you little bit more energy, if after the juice you don't feel good, you feel tired, it is time to adjust. Add carrots, anywhere from 20% to 40%. If you are heavily jaundice person, you have a lot of yellow to your skin, that means that you already have a lot of bile in your system, your already going to be sugar deficient, add the carrot juice right away. Yes you will turn more orange but it won't be from the Keratin, it will be from the bile. Your yellow from the bile as it is. Asians have a lot of bile passing true their system, because they eat 80% rice. They don't get enough fat, so the body starts sending bile all the way true the system to digest all the fat that it is produced, the acetones that are produced by transforming carbohydrates which are turned in to acetones which is a fat, it is not a very stable fat and it doesn't burn very well in the brain and nervous system, but in the fuel in the body of the muscles it is fine, it is good for the lackeys, that is how way how the Egyptians and Chinese did it to keep slaves. They kept them eating 5% meat, 80% rice and then 20% to 15% vegetables. That kept their body functioning high and their brain functioning low, so they were good lackeys, good slaves, they could work hard labor without disrupting the feudal systems.

On this system is like 35% to 40% meat, 25% to 30% dairy, and then you have your juices that are about 20% of the diet in most people diets, and that is the way it works. In the tribes in Africa dairy averages from 50% to 90% of their diet, raw dairy.

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